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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thank you new artists for the Silent Auction Art donations! Everything helps the Rancho Coastal Humane Society

"Thank you" to the very special artists with caring hearts who just added their donations to the Silent Auction.

Krista Timberlake - Artist and  Graphics Designer - www.garyjohnsonwildlifeart.com

Karla Nederhof, Jeweler - karla@microseconds.com

Gary Johnson, Wildlife Artist Extraordinaire -www.garyjohnsonwildlifeart.com

Linda Luisi, Aritst, Graphic Designer, Muralist and Instructor - www.lindaluisi.com

Terry Oshrin, Mosaic Artist - www.tulipsmosaics.com

See you all on July 26th Silent Acution ends at 3:10pm and visit the newest video at YouTube: http://youtu.be/H_QY2O9Fq8M  or   http://animoto.com/play/o5N0vPZQNicSALqAicsuPA

If you would like to donate:  Contact Cheryl Ehlers at zooinitas@gmail.com or call 760-519-1551

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