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Friday, July 18, 2014



To say she is connected with animals is a pure understatement. This artist has fabulous insight and talent, and we are proud to have her art in the Zooinitas exhibition.

Her natural talent  is reflected in her art and her meticulous attention to each detail of a small feather is so realistic that it tempts you to reach out and touch the artwork.

Tish has been drawing and painting since the day her mom gave her crayons. "I have a love for wildlife and nature, I love color and am not afraid to use it in its fullest. I enjoy painting in acrylic most of all, but I am not limited to any mediums, like water colors, pen & ink, oils, pencil etc...."

Her recent work, Toucan placed Thirds at the San Diego County Fair.  Indeed, as you can see a First place winner!

Tish accepts commissions, does  pet portraits, murals and more.

We are looking forward to more of her work, she is an amazing person.

You can view some of her work at the Off Track Gallery located in the Lumberyard off S. Coast Hwy 101 or visit her at www.tishart1.com No matter what,  her art is a must see at the Zooinitas, opening reception on July 16, 2014. Info at www.zooinitas.zohosites.com.

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