Local artists collaborate in a unique exhibit and provide support for the local community animals programs. Keep our friends "safe".

Visit www.zooinitas.zohosites.com

Sunday, June 15, 2014



We Welcome Mo McGee, and by now you might have seen a preview of some of her works at the past Art Beat on Main Street exhibit and her fantastic animal artworks.  If you have missed it, you get another chance on July 26th at the Zooinitas Eztravaganza - Opening Reception.

Mo was classically trained at the academy of art university in San Francisco. First entering the foundations department with the expectations of achieving a BFA in sculpture, but upon discovering how much she had to learn she decided to focus on the disciplined field of illustration. Through years of figure drawing, anatomy, and traditional painting . She has discovered her artistic voice is her body of work. It is the process of each piece. 

She was once called a forever student by a mentor and that is how she handles every work. As well as having a knack for teaching . . . Through her handling of animals she hopes not only to inspire creativity but an interest in the animals as well as the world around us. Mo’s handling of animals was recently described as a touch of realism with a creativity and essence of life. mosartstudios.com

"What I enjoy most about Mo's art is the joy and fun it brings to the viewer in a style that is Mo's way." added Cheryl Ehlers, Curator of Zooinitas.   It will be a delight to see her art in the Zooinitas Exhibition. July 14 - August 24, Zooonitas Extravaganza Opening Reception, July 26. For more information visit zooinitas.zohosites.com.

Toys for Pups Campaign at Zooinitas, You Can Help Too.

Zooinitas is helping the Rancho Coastal Humane Society  - and understand you all want to help the fund raiser for RCHS in anyway you can.

Join the TOYS FOR PUPS and drop off a small new toy for a very special animal during the Zooinitas - Opening Reception, July 26, 1-4pm at the Encinitas Library. 540 Cornish Dr. Encinitas, CA  92024.

Toys make healthy minds and bodies for a very special friend.

"We’re so honored that these local artists have chosen Rancho Coastal Humane Society’s Animal Safehouse Program as the beneficiary of Zooinitas,” says Amy Heflin, Director of the program. “Safehouse is a safety net for the pets of domestic violence victims. When they know their pets will be safe, it allows them to escape and break the chain of violence. Safehouse is also a lifeline for veterans, senior citizens, accident victims, and…most recently…victims of the fires. Thank you Zooinitas!”

Come meet the artists as they support the RCHS by enjoying the art, demos, music and a Silent Auction while being part of a wonderful fundraiser for the RCHS. Drop off a toy and enjoy the afternoon, FREE to the public.

For more information visit the website at zooinitas.zohosites.com or call Cheeyl Ehlers at 760-519-1551

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Joan Hansen Painting Demo , June 21, 2014

Have you ever wanted to capture the essence of our San Diego jewel, the Pacific Ocean, on canvas? Come and watch Artist Joan Hansen demonstrate the painting techniques she used in creating “San Diego Shoreline” at the Bonita Museum and Cultural CenterJune 21, 2014 at 10:00 AM. She will show you how to:

 ·         Capture the translucent curl of the wave and its spray
·         Create texture in the sand

 Joan moved to Bonita in 1979, and currently lives in the Otay Ranch area of Chula Vista. She was a member for several years of Starlarcs, a philanthropic organization which raises money for the Starlight Center in Chula Vista. She is currently a member of the San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild and the Coronado Art Association. In addition to creating original paintings, Joan teaches art classes for the Grumbacher Company at a Michaels store in San Diego.

The Bonita Museum is located at 4355 Bonita Road, Bonita CA 91902 619-267-5141 bonitamuseum@sbcglobal.net

Five Facets” - Five Local Artists at the Bonita Museum and Cultural Center June - July 26

Five Facets” - Five Local Artists will exhibit their artwork in various mediums beginning June 4th until July 26th at 2014 the Bonita Museum and Cultural Center.  

Susan J. Osborn, M. Sue Hiatt and Joan Hansen have lived in the Bonita area for many years while Judy Pike and Karen Rhiner have lived and worked as artists in nearby San Diego areas.

Artist Joan Hansen will be exhibiting acrylic paintings that reflect her trips to the wine countries of France, Italy, and Napa Valley, CA. Karen Rhiner’s colored pencil drawings express her views of the world, some of them very serious, some a little off kilter, some of them just fun. Susan J. Osborn will exhibit oil pastel drawings overlaid on digital photographs of plants, animals and people.  Judy Pike is a mixed media artist focusing on the human figure in ordinary settings. M.Sue Hiatt will show her paintings from the Ebony Series. Each painting in this mixed media series presents an interesting synchronism of experimental techniques, pure abstraction and suggestive mystical imagery floated on an ebony field.

Three artists will be demonstrating their techniques and providing some hands on fun at the museum on three Saturdays during the exhibit. Karen Rhiner - colored pencils, June 7th at 1 PM; Susan J. Osborn - oil pastels, June 14th at 1 PM; and Joan Hansen - acrylics, June 21 at 10 AM.

The Bonita Museum is located at 4355 Bonita Road, Bonita CA 91902 619-267-5141 bonitamuseum@sbcglobal.net

Sunday, June 8, 2014


ZOOINITAS WELCOMES Wood Sculpter, Thomas Thomas

Yes, that is his real name and to go with that you have yet to meet one such as he.  Thomas is the most unassuming, quiet and fabulously gifted artist I have yet to meet.  Following a passion since age 11 there is not a pice of wood that Thomas does not see a "critter" in and I mean lifesize.  His vision is focused, large, and his imagination has brought forth things only other artists dream about. He is the ultimate creator and you have yet to see anything like it until you see his works in the 2014 Zooinitas exhibition, July 26, 2014.
Bringing in the most fabulous life size wood carved lion, "Aldimere" stands alone.  At about 5 feet tall and 6 foot long, every piece of wood represents muscle, strength and pride.

Thomas as I said, is a gentle soul and I have had the privilege of experiencing his excitement when he shows his works. Larger then life and amazing to see you will simply be amazed as his talent. (Cheryl Ehlers)

Artists Statement:
What is Art to me? A God-given gift or talent to create stuff. True art isn’t about sales, it’s about the ability to freely express yourself in whatever way makes you happy, no matter how light or dark the content night be. 

Regarding art education that was given to me at birth and enhanced by life. Yes, I know this is a simple statement but that’s the beauty of art. t.twice.tt1@gmail.com.

Spoken by a gifted artist and wonderful person. Meet him at the Opening Reception, July 26, 2014 at the Encinitas Library Gallery from 1-4pm located at 540 Cornish Dr., Encinitas, CA 92024.  Vist all our artists at www.zooinitas.zohosites.com.