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Sunday, June 15, 2014



We Welcome Mo McGee, and by now you might have seen a preview of some of her works at the past Art Beat on Main Street exhibit and her fantastic animal artworks.  If you have missed it, you get another chance on July 26th at the Zooinitas Eztravaganza - Opening Reception.

Mo was classically trained at the academy of art university in San Francisco. First entering the foundations department with the expectations of achieving a BFA in sculpture, but upon discovering how much she had to learn she decided to focus on the disciplined field of illustration. Through years of figure drawing, anatomy, and traditional painting . She has discovered her artistic voice is her body of work. It is the process of each piece. 

She was once called a forever student by a mentor and that is how she handles every work. As well as having a knack for teaching . . . Through her handling of animals she hopes not only to inspire creativity but an interest in the animals as well as the world around us. Mo’s handling of animals was recently described as a touch of realism with a creativity and essence of life. mosartstudios.com

"What I enjoy most about Mo's art is the joy and fun it brings to the viewer in a style that is Mo's way." added Cheryl Ehlers, Curator of Zooinitas.   It will be a delight to see her art in the Zooinitas Exhibition. July 14 - August 24, Zooonitas Extravaganza Opening Reception, July 26. For more information visit zooinitas.zohosites.com.

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