Local artists collaborate in a unique exhibit and provide support for the local community animals programs. Keep our friends "safe".

Visit www.zooinitas.zohosites.com

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Zooinitas "welcomes" the Art of Terry Oshrin, a Mosaic artist with flair, color and imagination.

My Mother was an Artist, my Grandmother was a Fashion Designer, so you can say I came by it naturally. I "love" doing mosaics and it has become my passion, but don't place me in one category because custom lamps, resin tables, geckos and more have now peaked my interest. Who knows what I will do tomorrow? 

The one constant is color. The brighter and more intense the color, the better. You could say I am a colorist. I enjoy placing the colors together and making them into something beautiful. www.tulipsmosaics.com

You can find Terry, this yearat the 20th Annual Mothers Day Art and Garden Tour sponsored by the San Dieguito Art Guild.  

Filled with mosaics, glass and creative products, this tour is a must see for friends and family and a great gift of Mothers Day.  

Information for tickets are available at http:///www.offtrackgallery.com/tour.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Zooinitas "Welcomes", Joan Hansen.  She has an incredible feel for her subjects and portrays the very essence of their nature in her magnificent art.

"As artists we have the opportunity to express our unique thoughts and passions through the medium of our choice. Interwoven through my work are threads of organic line and luminous color.  The organic line symbolizes my love of nature, and the luminous color expresses my continuing passion for the vibrancy of life. I am intrigued by observing and painting the eternal dance of light and shadow".

Have you ever been so close to an okapi that you can see the twinkle in her eye? And what kind of animal is she? The Okapi is a relative of the giraffe, and was first discovered in the dense rain forest of Africa. The velvety coat is a deep brown color with beautiful white striping on the legs and rear. 

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to travel to exotic places to see wildlife, Zoonitas will bring images of these unique animals to you. You will be able to interact with 3D animals, and see dynamic paintings of wildlife.

Come enjoy a wonderful reception on July 26, 2014, 1-4pm. Presented by all the artists, we will have live music by Second Cousins, a silent auction by a selection of artists and pups on parade with the Rancho Coastal Humane Society as we support their efforts in taking care of the homeless and abandoned animals around San Diego County.

Join me and visit our webiste at zooinitas.zohosites.com and take a peek at my website at

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Join Zooinitas Artist Gary Johnson at Mountain Gold Reception Friday April 25

The fabulous works of Artist Gary Johnson, Friday, April 25th at the“Mountain Gold” art show, O’Dunn Gallery in La Mesa. The show features artwork representing San Diego County mountain landscapes and wildlife. His paintings are simply "magnificent"

Opening reception for The reception is from 5 pm to 8 pm,  Live music, food and drink. Show will hang until July if you can’t make it to the reception. 

For more information, visit Gary at www.garyjohnson.com, and the gallery website www.odunnfineart.com. O’Dunn Fine Art, 8325 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, CA 91942. 619-337-8342, shannon@odunnfineart.com, open  Wed-Sun: 11 am to 6 pm. (Painting, Woodie by Gary Johnson)

Gary will be on display at the Zooinitas Exhibit in July 2014 at the Encinitas Library Art Gallery.  Don't miss his work.


Zooinitas is proud to have photographer and Encinitas Arts Commissioner, Francine Filsinger sharing in our exhibit in July 14 - August 25, 2014.

Francine was the Producer for the Encinitas Student Film Festival. Her background in both Visual and Performing Arts brings a balanced approach to such an undertaking.

She began her career as a child in classical piano winning a number of awards and competitions. She took her sense of rhythm and expressive phrasing from her classical studies and soon learned to apply them in her approach to other artistic endeavors, skillfully interpreting the language of light, words and movement.

Filsinger is a published writer and Fine Art Photographer. Her poetry and dramatic reading may be found in the feature film, Beautifully Apart a selected entrant at the Rotterdam Film Festival. She enjoys scene study under the the tutelage of Mr. Monty Silverstone of the Rancho Santa Fe Players while performing leads in a number of productions.

She is an International Award Winning Fine Art Photographer. She is a Julia Margaret Cameron Award Nominee, Spider Fellow and International Photography (IPA) Award Winner. Two of her images will receive full page publication in the Single Shot Special Edition of Black & White Magazine scheduled for publication in February of 2014. Her work may be found in galleries and on permanent collection with the Women’s Museum of CA.

Filsinger as a Commissioner of the Arts for the City of Encinitas enjoys bringing unique art opportunities to students, a great passion of hers. She is also the Area Coordinator for the Encinitas Alliance for Art Education a subsidiary of the California Alliance of Art Education. (CAAE). 

Visit www.FrancineFilsingerPhotography.com  (picture: Francine with Dr. Teri Sprague of Mira Costa at the recent ESFF and Zooinitas entry Dominance; a powerful piece).

Join us for our reception on July 26, 1-4pm where you will find  live music by the Second Cousin, a silent auction, Pups by the RCHS, refreshments and "fantastic Artists works". LEt the fur and feathers fly as you enjoy great refreshments and the "vibe" of reaching out and helping others . Zooinitas  at the Encinitas Community Room, 540 Cornish Dr.  Encinitas, CA  92024 - (760) 753-7376.  Visit our website and meet the artists at www.zooinitas.zohosites.com.