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Monday, January 6, 2014


Meet one of 17 Artists of Zooinitas as we  “welcome”, Brian Bateman and his incredibly versatility, passion and talents to the exhibition in 2014.

Brian’s interest in history began as a child. He became enthused with model building, dioramas, and research books. Anything and everything Brian could get on the subject of history.  Brian has had the opportunity to live in an area where aviation was at the forefront, most notably Wright-Patterson AFB.  Brian moved to San Diego California, where there are many vintage aircraft and restoration facilities available, not to mention near perfect weather all year around.  In 1995 his first painting "Shadow of the Moon", was well received, and Brian went to print with it. The painting continues to be one his best sellers and personal
Approaching Thunder

Brian started Bateman Galleries in 1995, trying to make a well rounded business out of his love for history and art in general. The gallery has grown over the years to include many facets of his art, and not just aviation. Since then, Brian has released 16 prints on the market and continues to strive to produce quality work at a level where others can share. His edition sizes are small at 250 so they remain more collectible and have a better market value.  His website showcases his many talents and diverse styles, from aviation to military history, to wildlife and the human figure. 

Paying the Price
"I realize that there are many wonderful artists working in the field today: My wish is to be able to produce a true, quality representation of the subject, giving a sense of mood or a "feeling" to each piece of art. I think a well rounded sense of one’s self is just as important as one’s ability."  

Vist Brian at www.brianbatemanart.com.

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