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Saturday, March 1, 2014


LIVING COASTAL: What happens when Southern California chefs and artists connect to create consummate seaside delights? Meals turn into maritime magic!

Zooinitas is proud to have our newest sponsor Jolee Pink of Wabisabi Green.

Media Tributes:
“Is Living Coastal purely a cookbook? No, it's a hybrid cookbook, art book, design book. It's the perfect siren song for your coffee table and your kitchen, a homage to the spirit of the Pacific as translated by San Diego and its border influences, and a temptation to those who live in colder climes and dream of this iconic beachy SoCal lifestyle.” Caron Golden, San Diego Foodstuff.

“Living Coastal is a beautiful book by Jolee Pink with fantastic photography by Mike Pawlenty. This book celebrates San Diego art and cuisine.” Chelsea Madren, Examiner .
“She's awash with sea-themed home decor ideas. Designer makes the case for holiday table decor with a coastal theme.” Chris Ross, UT-San Diego.

Visit the website for a wonderful culmination of at, food and design. 760.445.9225 or http://www.wabisabigreen.com

Grab your copy now for $19.95 http://www.wabisabigreen.com/living-coastal-book/living-coastal.html.  Thanks .... Jolee Pink!

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