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Sunday, December 29, 2013

ZOOINITAS Welcomes Debra Saum - Animal Communicator to the Exhibiit

Zooinitas is thrilled to have Debra Saum as part of the exhibition.  Engaging her artistic and communicative talents as an Animal Intuitive, Debra celebrates the inspirational wisdom of animals with her “Talking Art”. “It is my dream to broadcast the animal’s messages of love, hope and joy. By listening to them, we return to our own sense of what is right in the world.”

Debra Saum’s vibrant portraits of dogs, cats, horses and endangered species such as lions, tigers, leopards, primates, elephants, and zebra speak to the heart of all humans, helping to raise awareness about how animals enrich our lives with humor, joy, compassion and wonder.
Commissioned portraits of beloved pets, equine art and wildlife representations all come to life through the trained eye and heartfelt instincts of artist and animal communicator Debra Saum.

Debra’s connection with animals started when she was a child.  Curious to understand nature and all her creatures, she was most often found talking with the animals. 
A self-taught artist, she has been creating her unique style of watercolor and acrylic art for over 25 years. Her “Talking Art” is nationally recognized for its remarkable ability to ignite inter-species communication.
Debra spends 40 – 60 hours with each painting, creating “Animal Communication on Canvas”.  Her vibrant portrayals of domestic animals and endangered wildlife reach out from the canvas to touch the hearts of humans.
Debra’s articles, books, television and radio appearances encourage others to recognize the intelligence and sensitivity in all animals. Recognized as an expert in the emerging field of Inter-species relationships, her work is considered revolutionary.

Visit: Telephone: 858-759-9760 Email: debra@debrasaum.com

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